Cookies Policy

At, we use cookies and similar technologies to enhance the user experience on our website. This Cookies Policy explains how we use cookies and other tracking technologies and how users can control the use of these technologies on our website.

  1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's device when they visit a website. Cookies help the website remember the user's preferences and improve the user experience by enabling certain features and functionality.

  1. How We Use Cookies

We use cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes:

  • Authentication and Security: We use cookies to authenticate users and prevent fraudulent activity on our website.

  • Preferences and User Experience: We use cookies to remember users' preferences and provide a personalized user experience.

  • Analytics and Performance: We use cookies to track website usage and performance, such as the number of visitors to our website and the pages they visit.

  • Advertising and Marketing: We use cookies to deliver personalized advertising and marketing messages to users based on their browsing habits and interests.

  1. Third-Party Cookies

We also use third-party cookies and similar technologies from third-party service providers, such as Google Analytics and Facebook, to collect information about users' browsing habits and improve the user experience on our website.

  1. Cookie Management

Users can manage the use of cookies on our website by adjusting their browser settings. Users can also opt-out of certain types of cookies, such as advertising cookies, by visiting the opt-out pages provided by the third-party service providers.

  1. Changes to This Policy

We may update this Cookies Policy from time to time, and we will notify users of any material changes.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Cookies Policy, please contact us at